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Why Do We Light?



  • Form - to light up a specific architectural or horticultural element.​
  • Function - because it has to be seen at night, e.g. a sign, a door
  • Security - to keep your loved ones safe, e.g. a dark wood line, stairs.
  • Aesthetics - the fun part. Accenting fountains, arbors, planters and so much more.

"Form, Function & Aesthetics"


" Form, Function and Aesthetics" This is What Drives Our Creative Mind! 


  • Light - The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.​
  • Art - The quality, production or expression according to aesthetic principals of what is beautiful, appealing or of more ordinary significance.

When Considering .....


 How you want to light up the elements on your site, consider the myriad number of techniques that are available to you.  Consider the site conditions and the "textures" that you are trying to light. Also, consider the number of feet up, for instance, to the structures roof line. Stucco exterior vs. stone or brick. A light exterior or dark. Are the trees dense, multi-stemmed or is the canopy very open?