Lighting Maintenance

Why Maintenance

Simple! Your expensive investment in lights needs to be serviced to protect them from the elements, inside and out.

It's Proven to Save You Money

A solid maintenance plan serviced by industry professionals, will keep your lamps working the way you need it and want it to, Winter Spring, Summer and Fall. The nominal cost is well worth it to increase dramatically the longevity of your lighting system.

Recommended Maintenance Plan

1. Turn power on. Complete a visual check of the entire system.

2. Check connection point of 120v outlet to be sure that the outlet is working and protected from the elements. A GCFI outlet with a water resistant cover is recommended.

3. Check voltage readings and amperage readings on the primary and secondary side of the transformer and compare those readings to the originals which should have been taken when the system was originally installed. If there are differences, there may be a problem in the system which requires attention. If no readings are available for comparison, record the current readings for future reference. 

4. Check terminal lugs in the transformer to insure they are tight. As wires heat up and cool down they can loosen the terminals which can than cause arching between the wires and the terminal lugs of the transformer.

5. Clean out the inside of each transformer of bugs, dirt, leaves and debris. We recommend that the wires entering the transformer, especially if it is in an outside location, be encased in a PVC pipe that is securely attached to the bottom of the transformer so as to prevent dirt, moisture and insects from entering the transformer.

6. Check the operation of any control devices (timers) that may be in use. This may be a photo cell, timer, switch or remote control, among other things. Adjust as necessary. If your system has a simple mechanical timer, we recommend replacing it with a "set it and forget it" Digital Astrological Timer.

7. Ensure that all lamps are working. If there is a light failure, the bulb will be removed and the bulb and fixture will be checked for performance issue.

8. Replace any burned out lamps (light bulbs) you may find.  We will certainly recommend energy efficient LED Bulbs.

9. Clean all fixture lenses (a CLR solution works well) and remove dirt and debris from inside and outside all fixtures. RainX™ or similar hydrophobic treatment may be applied to lenses.

10. Check for leaning light fixtures and straighten as necessary. Use a level on path lights to assure that they are in fact vertical. Bronze and copper fixtures that still have their natural un-coated finish should be wiped with a cloth to remove dirt and other detritus. If persistent stains are present due to bird droppings or other causes, then a wire brush or coarse steel wool can be used to remove the stain. Complete the cleaning process with a damp cloth being careful to remove any steel particles. 

11. Trim any vegetation from near the fixtures that may restrict the fixture’s beam output. Plants grow and will sometimes grow over the light, blocking the desired lighting effect. As trees and shrubs grow, the original position of the light may no longer be correct. Move the fixtures as necessary.

12. Check the light fixture connections to the main lead wire to be sure that are firmly attached and are still in a water resistant state. Check that the water tight gaskets are not broken. Replace as necessary.

13. Check that all fixtures are positioned and aimed optimally. 

14. Check that no buried wires are exposed or damaged and repair and bury as necessary.

15. If you have tree mounted fixtures, check the attachment brackets and hardware to insure the tree is not consuming the wire and hardware by growing around it. Wire should be attached with stainless steel screws which can be backed out as the tree grows.  If the correct tree fixture was not used by your installer, we will recommend replacing it with the appropriate mounting device.

16. Test entire system and clean work areas. Present customer with a work completion report and include any recommendations.

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