Turn Your Backyard into a Mosquito Free Haven

Safely ...

Don’t let biting mosquitoes keep you from enjoying time outdoors with family and friends! The NuTone Haven™ Backyard Lighting & Mosquito Repellent System features innovative landscape fixtures that provide season-long, effective protection from mosquitoes without the hassle of sprays, messy traps to clean, or fuels to deal with. Each fixture provides 110 square feet of coverage and is safe to use in any outdoor environment.


Patios, pools, decks, any outdoor space. Season long control that is safe for people and animals. Installs easily into your existing outdoor lighting system or as a stand alone system.

Nutone haven Mosquito Repellent System


Q: Does every Fixture come with a repellent cartridge?
A: Yes, each light with mosquito repellent fixture and each repellent fixture includes one 24 ml Haven Repellent Cartridge and adapter cap.

Q: What is the coverage area of one repellent fixture
A: Each Light & Repellent Fixture or Mosquito Repellent Fixture provides 110 square feet of mosquito protection coverage.

Q: What is the active ingredient?
A: The active ingredient in the NuTone Haven Backyard Lighting & Mosquito Repellent System